Kennel Cough in dogs (also known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis of Dogs) results from inflammation of the upper airways. It is a mild, self-limiting disease but may progress into something fatal in puppies and adult or aged dogs. Kennel Cough is most commonly transmitted via the air (just like our common cold) and tends to be most popular during this season.

One of the biggest myths heard about kennel cough is that people tend to associate it ONLY with dogs who are being boarded. THIS IS FALSE! Truth is, your dog need not be boarded to catch kennel cough, and he may be exposed to this virus anywhere where there are other dogs, even in your own neighborhood!

If your dog is infected, the incubation period is about 8-10 days. This means you won't actually see any symptoms of sickness right away.

Symptoms to look for:

- The most common symptom is the dry almost gagging coughs. The dog will sound as if there is something stuck or caught in the throat.

-Other signs may include watery eyes, sneezing and some nasal discharge.

A vaccine is available to help prevent your pet from getting this virus. This vaccine is known as the Bordatella. It is usually advised to vaccinate your pet every six months if he/she often boards, goes to dog parks or is exposed to an area with other dogs. Otherwise, a yearly Bordatella booster should be administered.

Helpful Hint:

If you plan on adopting a pet, chances are he/she will have Kennel Cough. We advise that you vaccinate any other dogs at home before hand to prevent the spread!

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